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Allergy Friendly Cakes

As an all vegan family we understand how important it is to have ingredients that are checked and double checked.


Please rest assured that we have carefully checked each ingredient in your baking to make sure it's vegan friendly. That means no diary, no egg and no animal products whatsoever- no gelatine, shellac, beeswax, carmines or unsuitable E numbers. We do use products which are "may contain" but not in our base recipes, and they are only in certain toppings which can be excluded. 

Our bakery has only ever been a vegan one- our oven, pans, utensils, bowls, mixer etc have only ever made vegan goodies. We are therefore a great choice for those with dairy and egg allergies!


We can also cater for those with a soya, nut, oat or gluten allergy, although please be aware that these are used in the kitchen so if your allergy is severe we can not bake for you. None of these options mean any compromise on flavour or design either! 


Please get in touch to discuss your requirements with us. 

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