Celebration Cakes

7” from £35, 8” from £40, 9” from £50, 10" from £65. 

All of these can be made any size, with any adaptions and additions required. Soya free options are available for many cakes too. For local delivery or collection only. Please get in touch to discuss your individual needs.


My facebook page has lots of photos to browse of the things I've made already.

Some example cakes

All of these can be made any size, with any adaptions and additions required. Soya free options are available for many cakes too. 

  • 7” Mega chocolate cake. Chocolate sponge, chocolate buttercream, chocolate drip (white or dark) with dark chocolate shards and handmade chocolate truffles. Can be adjusted how you prefer- ie caramel buttercream and caramel chocolates. £45. Contains wheat and soya 

  • 7” 5 layered rainbow cake. 5 layers of vanilla coloured sponge, vanilla buttercream. Add a drip (white or coloured), sprinkles or coloured buttercream. Change the flavour of buttercream or sponge to your favourite. From £50. Add a unicorn horn, eyes and ears from £60. Contains wheat and soya.

  • 7” Black Forest cake. Cherry chocolate sponge, cherry jam, cream flavoured buttercream, fresh cherries and a dark chocolate drip. £37.50. Contains wheat and soya.

  • 7” Triple Biscoff cake. Brown sugar and cinnamon sponge, Biscoff buttercream, crushed and whole lotus Biscoff biscuits and salted caramel fudge. £60. Contains wheat and soya.

  • 4” Butterfly swirl cake. Blueberry flavour sponge, lemon purple coloured buttercream. Purple butterfly wafers and pearl sprinkles. £27. Different colours and flavours available too. Contains wheat and soya.


  • 9” Chocolate orange cake. Chocolate sponge, orange buttercream, chocolate drip, orange sprinkles and chocolate orange segments. £55.

  • 7” Lemon white chocolate cake. Lemon sponge, white chocolate buttercream, lemon drizzle, white chocolate buttons and mini meringues. £42.50. Contains wheat and soya.

  • 5” Victoria sponge cake. Vanilla sponge, strawberry jam, vanilla buttercream with freeze dried strawberries and fresh strawberries dipped in white chocolate. £30. Contains wheat and soya.

  • Triple 7” strawberry Oreo chocolate cake. Three layers of chocolate sponge, strawberry and chocolate buttercream, chocolate drip and strawberry Oreos. £60. Contains wheat and soya.

  • 5” Chocolate and raspberry cake. Chocolate sponge, raspberry jam, raspberry buttercream, chocolate shards and fresh raspberries. 

  • 9” Triple Apple and Blackberry crumble and custard cake. Apple spiced sponge, blackberry and apple filling, custard flavoured buttercream with a crumble topping and fresh blackberries. 


Full Flavours, Toppings & Extras List

❤️Traditional- Victoria sponge, lemon (drizzle or buttercream) coffee, caramel, vanilla, carrot cake, maple and pecan, Black Forest, salted caramel, peanut butter, red velvet, ginger and orange.

🧡Chocolate- chocolate fudge, white chocolate, hot chocolate, chocolate orange, chocolate mint, chocolate and strawberry, chocolate and raspberry, mocha (coffee and chocolate) Chocolate, chocolate and vanilla, strawberry white chocolate, raspberry white chocolate, chocolate hazelnut, chocolate and caramel, Neapolitan

💛 Fruity- Lemon, lemon and raspberry, Raspberry and vanilla, lemon and blackberry, lemon and blueberry, orange, coconut, coconut and raspberry, coconut and lime, coconut and pineapple, cherry and almond, raspberry and almond, banana, Banoffee, spiced apple, strawberry, “Jaffa cake”, lemon and lime, blackberry crumble and custard, apple crumble and custard

💚Biscuit - Biscoff, Oreo (regular, golden, mint or strawberry), vanilla with party rings, choc chip cookie dough, Jammy dodger

💙 Wacky! - watermelon, cola, bubblegum, candy floss, cream soda, marshmallow, rhubarb and custard

💜Seasonal- Irish coffee, cranberry and orange, white chocolate and peppermint, fruit cake, mince pie flavour

🌈 colours- besides naturally brown colours like chocolate and coffee pretty much any flavours can be dyed any colour, including gold and silver.

💗 Toppings- toppings included for no extra price can be (all vegan of course!)
Mini marshmallows, chocolate covered marshmallows, white, “milk” or dark choc chips or chunks or buttons, fudge, chocolate covered fudge, sweets such as jelly tots, millions, flying saucers, lollipops, jelly beans, freeze dried fruit such as raspberry, strawberry, banana, honeycomb, chocolate covered fudge, chocolate covered honeycomb, chocolate covered peanuts, mint, strawberry, orange for coffee cremes or “crisps” (subject to availability) Sprinkles (various) nuts

Fondant, truffles or fresh fruit can be added at an extra cost, as well as edible wafers or toppers.