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About us

Hi! I’m Shelly, I’ve been vegetarian for over 30 years and vegan since 2017. I’m passionate about veganism and baking, and no one needs to miss out on their favourite treat here! The Shelly Bakes gang includes my husband, myself and five hungry vegan kids, so making vegan treats we could all enjoy was a must! With lots of honest critics in the house and plenty of willing taste testers, I soon had lots of tasty recipes, and scrummy products to share with you all!

With regular markets both in Biggleswade and our hometown of St Neots (and hopefully new areas soon too) there’s plenty of chances to pop down and pick up a treat or two if you are local. We can also make celebration cakes for collection or local delivery. We are travelling further afield too for the bigger vegan markets, so you may spot us there too. But if not, how about our new postal service? Shelly Bakes Vegan Cakes is about honest, good food, baked with kindness, and no unusual ingredients. Everything is carefully checked to ensure it is free from dairy, egg and animal products. These things matter to you and they matter to our family too! As we are an all vegan family, we never use any animal products in our kitchen, even our fridge and oven and all equipment like mixer, pots and pans etc have been replaced since turning vegan. This makes us great not only if you are vegan, but also if you have a dairy or egg allergy too. However, we are proud that many of our customers are just here for good cake! We promise, you won’t tell the difference. A warm welcome to my website, I hope you will enjoy browsing and find some treats you’d like to buy!


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